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Blazer | Button-up jackets for men and women

Blazer | Button-up jackets for men and women

The classic blazer is actually a kind of jacket, but today the more sporty blazers in women’s and men’s fashion are better known. These are buttoned jackets, such as cotton, corduroy, jeans or leather.

Classification of the Blazer category

A blazer is an outerwear piece. It is a sporty, buttoned jacket, which is mainly worn during leisure time, but also at casual gatherings.

Types of blazers

Blazers are available in a variety of cuts and shapes, so that the right model can be found for everyone. To lure a few pounds away, for example, are suitable

  • short, tailored blazers,

which can be worn both at leisure and at work. Important here is the fit – they must not be too tight, otherwise they cause the opposite and make the body look wider instead of narrower. Furthermore are

very popular, whose look is based on the English club jackets. Finally, there is the distinction between

  • Single-breasted and
  • Double Breasted (Navy Blazer)

to call.

Blazers are mostly made of cotton and are often less like a jacket than a lightweight blouse with buttons. Blazers are also used for school uniforms, especially in English-speaking countries.

The blazer actually goes back to the uniforms of the British Navy (Navy Blazer), which were worn in the Victorian era. These were dark blue, with twelve golden buttons occupied and reserved at this time, of course, only men. Today, blazers are worn by both men and women.