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Boots with heel for ladies

Boots with heel for ladies

Boots with heels are one special variant The classic shoe basic boots and can be worn by men and women. In the heel boot is the boot, the shaft height or boot tube at least eighty percent shoe length thickened, usually in the heel area of ​​the shoe, less often under the bale or the sole. Since the 16th century for example, boots with heels are also widespread in Europe and enjoy great popularity to this day.

Boots with heels – a little historical digression

Introduced in Europe from the 16th century, boots with heels of high level and assets of the carrier. This link came about, among other things, that only well-off persons at that time could afford the attitude of a horse and these could be easily ride with heels, since Boots without heels less grip offered in the stirrups of the saddle.

In addition, the upper class benefited from footwear with heels, as this earlier precious tissues was made and by the paragraph better protected against dust and dirt was.

During the French Revolution, the paragraph lost its connotation, but gained in the course of the 19th century again continuously in popularity and was initially not bound to a gender, so paragraphs also over three centimeters high worn by men and women alike.