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Caps for women | The cap keeps the head and ears warm

Caps for women | The cap keeps the head and ears warm

The cap is the classic headgear at low temperatures, in some professions but also in professional clothing, for example, the captain’s cap. Popular cap types include wool hats, fur hats, pointed caps or berets.

Classification of the caps



A cap is a headgear designed to protect against the cold. She is going out

or other textile materials.

Different cap shapes

One differentiates various cap forms:

Features and usage

The cap differs from the hat primarily in that it has no brim. Depending on the shape of the cap, it has on the front of a screen, a neck guard on the back or earmuffs. A cap covers the upper third of the head mostly completely, so that hair and hairstyle are no longer visible.

At work

Caps are not only worn to protect against cold. They are an important part of the professional clothing of various professions. Thus, the visor cap is firmly in the uniform of the police and so the police hat is a respect-inspiring symbol.

The chef does not wear his cap as part of a uniform, but to protect his food from contamination caused by falling hair. The purpose of caps in occupations thus depends on which occupational group it is wearing.

For religious reasons

Another aspect of the wearer’s mantle is in the religious field. In many religions, hats are worn to cover the hair out of respect for God. As in Judaism, where the Kippah fulfills this purpose, or in the Muslim religion the Sunna. These caps are worn only by men; Women wear a headscarf. Within the religion, the cap can also be a sign of a dignitary that holds its bearer, such as the bishop’s cap.