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Cardigans | A cardigan is practical and keeps you warm

Cardigans | A cardigan is practical and keeps you warm

The cardigan is a jacket made of wool and similar to a sweater for men and women. It is easy to put on and take off thanks to a zipper or buttons and is therefore a very popular outer garment.

A cardigan is a comfortable, loosely knit cardigan made from wool or yarn knit. Depending on the strength of the threads used and the thickness of the needles, the fabric appears rather coarse-meshed and light, then firm and dense again. Accordingly, the models also differ in the warming effect.


A cardigan can be very functional, but it does not have to be that far. Often she is also just decorative or laminating function. They exist

  • as a short bolero or
  • as a knee-length coat

as well as in all intervening lengths. You can find jackets

In contrast to pullovers, they do not have to be pulled over the head and therefore spare the hairstyle of the wearer – probably a reason why cardigans enjoy just such popularity in the ladies’ world.

The twinset

A classic is now the combination of cardigan and in color and material matching pullover or top. The so-called twinset suits sporty leisure wear as well as elegant workwear.

The English name “Cardigan” goes back to the 7th Earl of Cardigan, J.T. Brudenell. As a general in the Crimean War he had to fight his troops against enormous cold and was therefore forced to develop and use innovative forms of clothing.

One of the most famous cardigans in history is the one that Helmut Kohl wore in 1990 during his meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev in the Caucasus. The loosening of the dress code at state occasions was also an indication of the political relaxation.