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Cargo pants | Wide pants for him and her

Cargo pants are relatively wide-cut and extremely comfortable pants for women and men. The cotton pants, usually made of cotton, sometimes feature side pockets and a fashionable fabric tie belt. Classification of the category cargo pants The term “cargo” comes from the English language and means a form of “cargo” …

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Pants | Long or short trousers for men and women

Pants are primarily used to protect people from the wind and weather and to cover their gender area. In the fashion world, the various types of pants are offered, from the long jeans to the sexy hipsters. Classification of the category pants Pants are garments that are part of the …

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Corduroy jeans | Comfortable pants for him and her

Corduroy jeans are made of fine cord or wide cord Cordhosen for men and ladies, which are cut similar to a pair of jeans. The soft and warm Cordjeans are very comfortable to wear and are especially suitable for colder days. Classification of the category corduroy jeans Corduroy is one …

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Flared pants | Trendy pants with punch

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Flared pants are both men’s and women’s trousers made of jeans, corduroy or other material in which the trouser legs are getting wider at the bottom. Having come out of fashion for a long time, today’s trousers are up to date again, especially among teenagers. Classification of the category of …

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Striped pants | Striped pants for him and her

Striped pants black stripe paperbag skinny pants ZIEHGIH

Stripe trousers are fashionable women’s and men’s trousers for spring or summer. The mostly colored and more or less thick stripes provided, comfortable to wear trousers are usually made of pure cotton or fine linen. Classification of the category striped pants Striped pants are light, comfortable and airy. Therefore, they …

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