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Combat boots for women

Combat boots for women

Jumping boots are a special variant of the shoe basic boots and are called one work bootsBeing part of the equipment of the military was issued as a combat boot and in terms of fit, material and design was adapted to the special needs of jumping and landing. When heavy leather boots, which are worn both in the field, but also to the large service suit, they have been tailored to the needs of soldiers, but have for decades also found great appeal in various youth and subcultures, especially punks and skinheads.

Combat Boots – The footwear of the airborne troops

combat boots are heavy boots made of leather, which are counted among the work shoes and sometimes also to the safety shoes, if they have the appropriate characteristics. Springer boots were primarily for Paratrooper as a combat boot for the Airborne troops but are now also used in parachute sports or as a pure fashion item use.

To the feet the jumper at the landing particularly good to support, the combat boots have some peculiarities and differ in part from the normal combat boots of the Bundeswehr. Although also Springer boots are generally out sturdy leather manufactured, largely waterproof and also very weather-resistant, but they are also flexible, so as not to hinder the soldier when jumping.

They are also located significantly tighter on the foot and ankleTo protect the sensitive parts of the body when they arise on the ground from too much vibration and prevent them from buckling. To reinforce this protection, some models are additionally padded with foam.