Monday , May 13 2019
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Creepers for ladies

Creepers for ladies

Creepers are shoes that combine the features of several models. Put simply, this is about Lace Up Brogues with a more or less high plateau, For a long time the shoes were seen as a marginal phenomenon, but gradually they became more and more the focus of fashion. This has also recognized leading brands and dedicated to the shoe model Creepers.

Courage to the plateau

Admittedly – it is a getting used to the sight, the many shoe lovers automatically reminiscent of long-gone fashion sins from the 90s. In fact, Creepers – with a thick platform sole – are in the fashion fast lane and are becoming an ever-growing topic. Ever since the stars and starlets from America are seen more and more often with the conspicuous Tretern, it is clear that it is here with a true trend has to do.