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Earrings | Elegant earrings for women

Earrings | Elegant earrings for women

Earrings are worn on the ear lobes and are a very popular ear jewelry especially for women. Information and links to fashionable earrings made of various materials such as plastic or metal can be found on these pages.

Classification of the category earrings

Earrings are pieces of jewelry that are worn on the ear.

Types of earrings

A distinction is made between earrings that are pierced and those that are worn with a clip.

Shoot or sting?

Mostly an ear hole is shot or stung. Generally speaking, ear piercing by professional piercers is becoming more common nowadays; especially in more complicated places on the ear. This method is more tissue-friendly and less risky.

The earring has a ring that is inserted into the hole. The ear plug is inserted only in the hole, then from the back with a small

to be attached. But other types of closure, including

  • hook
  • Wire and snap closures or
  • Finally balls

are possible.


Since earrings are very old jewelry and have been used for thousands of years, they are available in countless colors, designs and made of various materials. Of course, earrings made of metal are preferred to today.

Earrings can be made

  • stole
  • gold
  • Silver or
  • platinum

be and with

be occupied. This greasy accessory is most often worn by women, but also by men.