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Espadrilles | The comfortable and trendy shoe from Spain

Espadrilles | The comfortable and trendy shoe from Spain

The Espandrillos are lightweight summer shoes made of linen or cotton fabric, which originate in Spain and southern France. They have been known in Germany for many years and are often worn by both women and men. They are available in all imaginable colors and patterns.

Classification of the Espandrillos category

Espandrillos are available for both women and men and are characterized by their linen or fine cotton fabric, which makes them an ideal lightweight summer shoe.

Origin and distribution

Originally they came from Spain and Provence in France, where these flat slippers made of linen with the originally processed plant fiber sole from a kind of steppe grass were already widespread in the 1950s.

The stars of that time became aware of these comfortable and at the same time summer-looking shoes and often wore them in public, which made them more and more popular.

Today’s models

Even today, they are still in vogue and are often worn by young women and men to summer fashion. However, unlike earlier models, the Espandrillos sole is usually a flax or hemp sole, which is additionally covered with a thin rubber sole to waterproof it.

The rest of the foot enclosing part of the Espandrillos is usually made of linen or cotton and is due to the light texture permeable to air and breathable, which is a noteworthy advantage especially in warm temperatures.

Current trends

In addition to these classic models, there are now Espandrillos, which are often referred to as Espandrilles,

Ladies like to wear dresses and skirts. But many men also rely on these shoe models in the summer, because they look casual and very casual.