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High heel sandals for women

High heel sandals for women

High heel sandals are one Subform of the shoe basic type sandal, The sandal is considered one of the oldest shoe shapes in the world and is worn in almost all cultures and by all levels of the population. While the traditional sandal is worn as a unisex shoe by both men and women, as well as children, the sandal is due to her slimmer cut, the feminine details and the heel as a shoe for women and girls and is therefore offered in the usual shoe sizes for women's shoes ,

Light summer shoes with seductive heels

High heel sandals and high heel sandals make every sandal one seductive summer shoewho stretches the leg of the wearer apart and makes a nice walk. Thanks to the high heels, the unisex shoe quickly becomes a very feminine part of the wardrobe, which can easily be combined into an evening dress or a trouser suit and conjures a good figure on festive as well as formal occasions. Although sandals can also have a high heel, which makes them significantly different from the sandals; Nevertheless, in this case we continue to speak of sandals, since shoes are divided into high heels with a heel of six to ten centimeters and as high heels from ten centimeters heel height.