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High heels | High heeled shoes for women

High heels | High heeled shoes for women

High heels are high-heeled shoes that are worn by ladies of all ages for special occasions, parties or professional life. The shape and style of the high heels range from pumps to high boots and from quite simple to unusual.

Classification of the category High Heels

High heels belong in the wardrobe of every woman. Because these shoes with special heels conjure in no time, combined with the right clothing, super sexy legs.

This works because the heels of the high heels visually lengthen each woman’s leg, allowing each woman to model legs. But even women, who by nature have long legs, like to grab high heels. When choosing the right high heels, however, you should be careful not to choose too high heels. Otherwise it happens quickly that woman is suddenly bigger than her partner.


As a high heel in the world of fashion is called a shoe whose paragraph is at least 7 inches high. However, high heels are also offered whose heels are well over 12 cm high. However, these shoes prove rather bad in everyday life because they are simply too high. But on special occasions, there’s nothing against these shoes that make men’s hearts beat faster.

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Health risks

Nevertheless, women should be careful not to wear the high heels for too long in a row. For orthopedic surgeons have been complaining for some time that this type of shoe can be a real threat to foot health. Because the higher the shoe, the more weight of its wearer weighs on the ball of the foot.

This can cause painful ossification during prolonged wear and tendons of the Achilles heel can be shortened. Nevertheless, the fun of high heels does not have to be spoiled if she often changes her shoe and does not carry out the highest heels her shoe rack puts out every day.