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Knitted Skirts – Fashionable skirts made of high quality wool

Knitted Skirts – Fashionable skirts made of high quality wool

High-quality knit skirts are made of the finest wool, for example virgin wool or merino wool. The fashionable women’s skirts are decorated in part with elaborate embroidery and in the trade often directly available with combinable top.

Classification of the category knitted skirts

The knit skirt is one of the most feminine garments ever. First and foremost, it impresses with its excellent fit. It fits the body shape optimally and sits like a glove, which is solely due to the knitting material and its properties used. By entangling the threads entsteht – in contrast to weaving – a comparatively heavy fabric with coarser mesh. At the same time it is more transparent in itself.

Fabrics and different models

Modern knit materials are made with knitting machines. Flat knitting machines produce relatively thick, robust knits, for example for sweaters. Circular knitting machines, on the other hand, produce particularly fine, lightweight knits, which are also often used for knitted skirts. By a certain arrangement of right and left meshes that slight stretching effect, which makes the high wearing comfort of a knit skirt arises.

Whether mini or maxi model, knit skirts are rather narrow at the stomach, hips and buttocks, but without narrowing the wearer. Depending on the type of figure woman has the choice between elegant-slim cuts or sporty-romantic, slightly downwardly issued shapes. Knitted skirts are soft to the touch, as they use pliable yarns and wools, which also make for a nice fall.

The right care

So that the material retains these properties for a long time, it is recommended that the knit skirts

  • to wash in a gentle cycle with suitable care product,
  • not to fling and
  • to let it dry horizontally.

Fashion-conscious women with the necessary courage and skill even knit their skirts themselves with the wool of their choice. Guides and samples can be found for example in newsagents.