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Lace-ups for ladies

Lace-ups for ladies

Authentic, stylish and simply modern – these are the lace-ups for ladies, men and children. In general, the boots are among the most popular shoes ever. They are comfortable and can be perfectly combined with different outfits. If they are still to lace, the look is perfect and the shoe can be perfectly adapted to the foot.

Lace-up boots Ladies, men and children – these are the features

Boots are characterized by the fact that they unlike the typical low shoesto have a shaft that goes slightly further up. Sometimes he reaches to the ankle or even goes a little bit further. So the shoes stop the foot.

Especially in the search for the suitable shoes for children It may be worthwhile to take a look in the direction of the boat for lacing. The children's feet are still very flexible and can therefore easily bend away to the side. Shoes that go over the ankle or at least to the ankle, hold the feet and ensure that your child on safe feet to discover the world. At the same time, you can adjust the boots to the foot with the lacing.

But for ladies and gentlemen are the sturdy shoes a good choice. Due to the wide cut, they have a high wearing comfort and even longer distances can be mastered very well with them.