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Linen shoes for ladies

Linen shoes for ladies

In summer, light shoes are in high demand. In the closed variants, canvas shoes are far ahead of sneakers. The reason: you leave some air to the feet, In addition, you hardly notice that you even wear shoes. The treads are so light. Women, men and children will surely find the right pair of linen shoes among the wide range on offer. In order to save some money when buying in the online shop, it is always worth taking a look at the sale area.

Linen – A short overview of the natural product

Linen will be out of the flax plant won. Therefore, linen is also known by the term flax. In nature, they occur as bundles and must be used for the production of the tissue in individual, so-called Elementary fibers, be disassembled. The resulting flake bast is spun into short staple spinning mills into yarns.

Various properties play a major role in processing. The flax fiber is easily divisible, smooth and includes little air. It is also dirt-repellent.

But the positive properties of natural fiber have not always been appreciated. It has only been used in the textile industry since the end of the 20th century. For a long time cotton as the material for clothes.