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Long sleeve shirts – types

Long sleeve shirts – types

Shirts are worn in every season every day. Whether it is summer or winter, day or evening, you will be wearing a shirt. If we categorize the shirts in two basic and the foremost categories, it would be long sleeve shirts and half sleeves shirts. There are sleeveless shirts as well. Sleeveless and half sleeve shirts are usually worn in hot weather. In winters long sleeves shirts are preferred.

Long Sleeve Shirts for men and women:

There are long sleeve shirts for both men and women. There are different shirts for men and women. The shirts that are meant for women are designed in such a way that they show off the curves and make them look attractive.

Kinds of Long Sleeve Shirts:

There is no particular definition of the Long Sleeve Shirts. There are so many varieties. Have a look at few of them.


Blouse is a form of long sleeve shirt. It looks beautiful and feminine. It is perfect for formal occasions.

Formal shirts:

Formal shirts or the shirts with collars are the most commonly used long sleeve shirts.

T- shirts:

Full sleeve t-shirts are also used by so many people. They look classy and stylish. The full sleeve t-shirt can be worn any time and in different circumstances. You can wear it in the house as well. Many of the people use these shirts as the underwear.

There are so many long sleeve shirts as well. You can have any shirt that attracts you and makes you feel beautiful.

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