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Mary Janes Shoes- Infos, Fashion

Mary Janes Shoes- Infos, Fashion

What are Mary Jane’s shoes?

Definition: Mary Janes were originally flat girls shoes, but since the 60s, there are also women’s shoes with heels. The name of these shoes comes from the 1902 in New York Herald published comic strip Buster Brown, Mary Janes belong to the category of braces and the category of slippers. Frequently the category term becomes Leather shoe, which refers to all types of shoes with braces, at the same time used as a synonym for Mary Janes. These shoes are characterized by the following characteristics out:

  1. The toe cap is round.
  2. The shoes have a Ristspange, which is closed at the side by means of a button.
  3. The material of the Mary Janes is usually made of patent leather.

The guide to Mary Janes

Why can you combine Mary Janes?

These shoes give the woman a feminine, girlish look: Zum short skirt they look cute and good looking, especially when they are with one Wool tights be combined. However, Mary Janes should not be worn with calf-length skirts as this visually shortens the leg. In combination with androgynous garments like Jeans, which were originally designed as working clothes, can be set on the basis of cute shoes such as Mary Jane feminine accents.

In which models are Mary Jane shoes available?

This shoe type is available in the following models:

As long as the round toe cap, the instep skirt to close at the side and the patent leather upper are in place, Mary Jane’s different shoe models can be involved. In some cases, apparent opposites are united: in Mary Jane sneakers sportsmanship and mischief meet.

Are Mary Janes good?

At first glance, Mary Janes seem innocent and girlish. The original children’s shoe can also be provocative, especially when worn by tall women, women with short hair, or in combination with simple clothing. How provocative shoe styles can seem at first glance harmless, Twiggy and Kate Moss have shown.