Tuesday , February 19 2019

Belt bags for women | Usually attached to the belt

Waist Bag Women Waist Fanny Packs Belt Bag Luxury Brand Leather Chest Pu  Handbag 2018red Black New Fashion Hight Quality Leather Fanny Pack Vintage  Bags

Belt bags are hard to imagine in today’s fashion. In the past, they gave their wearer the certainty of being able to safely stow the purse; Today, the hip pockets also serve the fashionable aspect. The belly bags are usually attached to the belt and provide space for wallet, mobile …

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Jewelry boxes | For storing small valuables

Mid-Century Jewelry Box - Grand (Champagne Lacquer)

High-quality jewelry boxes are wonderful for the decorative storage of small treasures and are also well suited as a gift. Classification of the category jewelry boxes A can is a small vessel with a round, oval or angular shape. Characteristic of a can is that it consists of two parts: …

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Clogs – info, fashion and shopping tips for clogs

Womens Troentorp Bastad Clogs Johansson - FREE Shipping & Exchanges

hat are clogs? Definition: This shoe style looks like the slipper. Engl. Clog means translated Holzschuh; An important feature of shoes is that their bottom is mostly made of wood. Therefore synonyms are also the terms wooden shoe and zoccoli consistently. clogs and Klompen are however two different types of …

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Fashion shoes | ashion and brands for the treads

Shoes are part of every fashionable outfit. And so there are costly trends and great models here as well. The most popular shoe brands come from Italy. Classification of the category Fashion shoes   History and development of the fashion shoe From the late Middle Ages fashionable shoes were coveted …

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Blazer | Button-up jackets for men and women

The classic blazer is actually a kind of jacket, but today the more sporty blazers in women’s and men’s fashion are better known. These are buttoned jackets, such as cotton, corduroy, jeans or leather. Classification of the Blazer category A blazer is an outerwear piece. It is a sporty, buttoned …

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Cargo pants | Wide pants for him and her

Cargo pants are relatively wide-cut and extremely comfortable pants for women and men. The cotton pants, usually made of cotton, sometimes feature side pockets and a fashionable fabric tie belt. Classification of the category cargo pants The term “cargo” comes from the English language and means a form of “cargo” …

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D’Orsay Pumps

Lana suede d'Orsay pumps : FactoryWomen Heels | Factory

What are D’Orsay pumps? Definition: D’Orsay pumps are not in the pump category because the latter are closed on the sides. For proper D’Orsay pumps, the following features must be present: You have an ankle strap. The toe is usually open. The middle part is cut out far. It is …

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V-shirts | Classic V-neck shirts

Amazon.com: Jockey Men's T-Shirts Classic V-neck T-Shirt - 6 Pack

V-shirts are mostly classic cotton T-shirts for men and women. In contrast to the normal T-shirt, the V-shirt has a V-shaped neckline. V-shirts are available as short-sleeved shirts as well as in the long-sleeved version. Classification of the category V-shirts V-shirts serve the outerwear of both women and men and …

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