Chain pendants | Jewelry pendant for necklaces

Jewelry pendant for necklaces paloma picasso something to love ... FAIGDEN

The chain pendants, often referred to as jewelery pendants, are commercially available in all sorts of variations and from a wide variety of materials, from the very classic star sign pendant made of silver to the stylish pearl pendant. Classification of the category chain pendants Chain pendants are available for …

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Tank Tops | Tight-cut tops, perfect for the summer

Tank Tops next level 6933 womenu0027s the racerback terry sportswear tank top QZFEYFU

  The sleeveless undershirt is not always just a more practical men’s underwear. As outerwear, especially for women, it becomes a fashionable eye-catcher in the summer. Often the cuts in the neck and shoulder area are particularly sporty. Tank tops are ideal for women’s outerwear on beautiful summer days, because …

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Silver jewelery | Noble jewelry made of silver

Silver jewelery rings for women 925 sterling silver jewelery 2015 big fashion wholesale  wedding ring with ZUSVCEX

Completely or partly made of silver jewelry looks noble and beautiful. Above all, rings, necklaces and pendants, which should look simple and elegant, are made of this precious metal and often decorated with small stones. As a silver jewelry are basically all jewelry refers to, which are made of silver. …

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Silver rings | Made of silver rings for women and men

Silver rings new arrival silver rings for women girl jewelry crystal stone leafs rings  adjustable ring EDTNZFJ

Silver rings are available in jewelry stores in many different variants. The classic silver rings for women and men are usually made of sterling silver and decorated with stones, cubic zirconia or diamonds, for example. Silver rings have been worn for centuries, both by men and women. These pieces of …

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Hats | Fashionable and versatile headwear for men and women

sun hats organic raffia sun hat with large bow - natural BDZEEQD

Some use the hat as a fashion accessory, the others wear hats just to protect them from the sun. Whether classic cylinder, melon, straw hat or elaborately designed summer hat, the hat fashion is in any case diverse and imaginative. (Protective) function In addition to its importance as a fashion …

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Tops | Off shoulder and sleeveless tops for women

sexy tops for women off shoulder tops women t shirts tee shirt black cut QEQDUTP

Tops are women’s shirts without sleeves, which are also available strapless or with spaghetti straps. As underwear, they are just as much as worn as outerwear at fitness or party, in which above all crop tops are preferred. A top is characterized, in contrast to the conventional T-shirt, by the …

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