Tuesday , February 19 2019

Muscle Shirts | sleeveless shirts for muscled sports and hot days


Originally from bodybuilding coming, the cut of the shirt is also popular with anyone with beautiful upper arms. Trikotartig, but close-fitting it is the perfect basic to sporty inspired summer clothes. Classification of the category muscle shirts Muscle shirts are men’s shirts that originate from the bodybuilder fashion and are …

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Pants | Long or short trousers for men and women

Pants are primarily used to protect people from the wind and weather and to cover their gender area. In the fashion world, the various types of pants are offered, from the long jeans to the sexy hipsters. Classification of the category pants Pants are garments that are part of the …

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Bridal shoes | Noble wedding shoes for the bride

Pink Paradox Ivory (Satin Peep-Toe Pumps with Crystal Heel Detail)

In addition to a dreamlike bridal gown, the right bridal shoes have to be made for the very special day in your life. These chic and mostly open or closed pumps are made of high quality material, e.g. Satin or fine leather, made. Classification of the category bridal shoes Earlier, …

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Vegan shoes – information and shopping tips for vegan shoes

Sydney Brown Clog

What are vegan shoes? Definition: Vegan shoes are shoes whose manufacture relies entirely on animal materials and whose production did not affect animals. As part of a strict veganism, only vegan shoes are worn. For example, vegan shoes require no leather, wool, cashmere or suede. The sole of vegan shoes …

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Down Jackets | Down-lined jackets

Down jackets are extra thick and warm jackets for winter or skiing. The good thermal insulation of a down jacket lies above all in the processing and down feathers used for the lining, e.g. Goose down, justified. Classification of the category down jackets Hardly any other jacket feels as warm …

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