Breeches Fashion

Breeches ladies lightweight full seat dressage breeches  NPTUGEC

The breeches are stretchy pants with a leather trim that is worn in equestrian sports. The leather trim is usually made of genuine leather, it goes from the approach of the buttocks down to the knees and long breeches even down to the ankle. Classification of the category Breeches Breeches …

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Skirts | The skirt as a fashionable alternative to pants

fashionable Skirts 2018 a line women fashion organza skirt casual empire solid ball gown gauze  skirts HMZSLKW

Skirts are available in many different lengths and colors and shapes. In addition to the classic women’s skirts such as denim skirt or pleated skirt, there are also some skirts that are worn by men, for example, the kilt. Classification of the skirts category The skirt is considered a very …

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Caps for women | The cap keeps the head and ears warm

caps for women 2018 vintage hats for women new fashion military hat flat snapback caps  female sun KZBFDNU

The cap is the classic headgear at low temperatures, in some professions but also in professional clothing, for example, the captain’s cap. Popular cap types include wool hats, fur hats, pointed caps or berets. Classification of the caps   materials A cap is a headgear designed to protect against the …

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Flared pants | Trendy pants with punch

Flared pants previous next PGVEOHC

Flared pants are both men’s and women’s trousers made of jeans, corduroy or other material in which the trouser legs are getting wider at the bottom. Having come out of fashion for a long time, today’s trousers are up to date again, especially among teenagers. Classification of the category of …

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Scarves | A scarf made of silk

Scarves blanket plaid scarf hot sale CBUARIK

A scarf warms your neck when it’s cold or windy outside. It keeps the heat on the body and prevents colds. Whether classic wool scarf, silk scarf or cashmere scarf, the scarf should not be missing in any winter clothing. Classification of the category scarves A scarf is a long, …

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Veils as a headgear of costume

Veil veil and headpiece combo BFWVTYH

The veil has many meanings. The delicate cloth or fabric is usually worn white at weddings and symbolizes the innocence of the bride. But also black as a sign of mourning or in the fixed custom of religion is the veil of women worn protection of their dignity. Classification of …

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