Tuesday , February 19 2019

High heels

Amazon.com | Lovirs Womens Pointed Toe High Heel Slip On Stiletto

What are heeled shoes? Definition: If from high heels the speech is usually meant pumps, sometimes high heels. However, shoes are always meant with high heels, because stiletto heels have a stiletto heel, which you also stiletto. spike heel or stiletto heel is called. The story of high-heeled shoes Shoes …

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High Heels – Infos, Fashion

High Heels Fashion

Definition of high heels The term high heels becomes partially synonymous with pumps used. In fact, this shoe type belongs to the category of pumps. Exception: If the shoes on the toe or heel are open, they are no longer pumps because they are always closed. How high must shoes …

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Boat shoes

Classic Boat Shoe u2013 Quoddy.com

What are boat shoes? They are leather by definition.Definition: boat shoes are also called Boatshoe. sailing Shoes or Docksider designated. The word boat shoes So it has nothing to do with the term boots (German boots) to do. Boat shoes have the following characteristics: The shoes are made in the …

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Hair Accessories | Arrangements, tiaras, hairpins, flowers, curlies and other accessories to decorate the hair


Hair accessories for decorating the hairstyle is very versatile. The classic hair accessories include hair clips, hairpins and hair ties. For more unusual hairstylings, so-called curlies or flower arrangements, e.g. used for the wedding. Classification of the hairdressing category Hair jewelry is worn in the form of many different accessories …

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Antique Jewelery | Antique jewelry from the past

Antique Victorian Era Jelly Opal Locket Pendant

As antique jewelery or antique jewelery Jewelery is called, which originates either from an older epoch or after their procedure and Design was manufactured. Some goldsmiths and jewelers specialize in old antique jewelery. Classification of the category antique jewelery Antique jewelry is jewelry that is usually several centuries old and …

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Opanke – Women’s Shoe Lexicon

Šumadija opanak s kljunom

What is an Opanke? Definition: The Opanke is a historic shoe in characteristic style (Opanak-style) without heel and insole and with pointed and beak-shaped, pointed toe. Because the Opanke from a single piece of leather worked, you can compare them in their production with the moccasins. The Opanke is with …

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