Monday , May 13 2019

Trend revival: Welcome back, Capri pants!

capri pants for women womens capri pants IGPLBHT

I personally know them from my childhood: Capri pants. Now, Designers experience a comeback. Crime scene: Berlin fashion week. Here, Lena Hoschek presented their new collection that shows eeeeigentlich the summer trends for 2019, but we want to look off us directly something for the coming weeks, isn’t it? And so we can …

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Beautiful jelly sandals

jelly sandals asos FGAQUCQ

If there was a pair of shoes in the 90’s, that had each child in his closet, then there were brightly colored rubber shoes for a beach vacation. This remnant of old times now actually celebrates a revival. I confess: even in count me among the owners of the embarrassing 90 …

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In the trend: crossover Sandals for the summer

brown leather crossover sandals AGNHMGH

It’s summer and you need a new pair of sandals like every year: the selection is enormous and the trends from the catwalk stylish than ever. Now, a hot contender for the best shoe of the season is the crossover sandal. Find why you should invest in this sexy footwear and which …

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Stylish hawaiian shirt for womens

hawaiian shirt womens bennyu0027s womens classic hibiscus hawaiian shirt at amazon womenu0027s clothing  store: HCOPLOX

The Hawaiian shirt celebrating just hundredth comeback: be felt no wonder, after all the hot summer provides tropical feelings. To throw a colorful printed and loose-fit shirt over the sweaty body, so seems the best solution to be to make the heat wave a little more bearable. The times, in which …

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Beautiful black and white outfits

black and white outfits black and white outfit #5 KAGHQVC

What kind of a skilful black and white combination: dark, but still a safe look. combines playful, white ruffle socks to sexy, black ankle boots, a black, issued leather skirt and a white blouse. Did you like “Beautiful black and white outfits”? Then leave us a comment or share our article. We look …

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Elegant purple and black outfits

purple and black outfits coat, tan, grey, purple, scarf, white, tights, black, boots, booties, tank  top, trench coat, magenta, BVKUYHU

There are two colors that look both individually and together simply mind-boggling: black and purple. An evening dress in classic black is never out of place, but combined with purple, it brings to every woman the beauty one day. Since these two trendy colours so wonderfully harmonize with each other, there are …

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Rock chic Street Outfits

Rock chic outfits rock chic street style how to BVNSLJF

Every woman wants that acts, as she threw over just like it, without long thinking about her outfit. At the same time, it should look but cool and sexy. Just as the rock chic outfit. A chic Blazer she shorts and rough, staggered studded biker combined, and already the Blazer looks not …

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Awesome Destroyed Jeans

Destroyed Jeans ... minimal destroyed jeans - 2020ave ... TZNVUSA

Destroyed Jeans look so cool! But only if the deliberate cracks not unintentionally far tear apart, for example when putting on your pants, if you stuck your foot… Sure, you know the problem. Fortunately, there is a simple DIY trick how you can keep your Destroyed Jeans before such a misfortune. Everything you …

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