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Sandals with heel for ladies

Sandals with heel for ladies

Sandals with heels are a sub-category of the sandal footwear and are considered in Germany as typical ladies shoe, Therefore, they are usually not worn by men and boys, but by women and older girls. Generally, sandals are considered feminine variant Designed as a unisex shoe shoe type sandal, since they are typically made with heel, a narrower cut and feminine details and sometimes elaborate ornaments. The heel height and heel type can vary depending on the model and the occasion.

The sandal – the sandal with heel

Sandals are among the oldest footwear in human history and are worn around the world by people of all ages, gender and class. Traditionally, the sandal is a so-called unisex shoe, so a shoe model that assigned to no gender and that can be worn by both women and men, as well as boys and girls.

Over time, a variety of different sub-categories of sandals has formed out, for example, by a different belt guide such as the thong sandals, special uses as in the Outdoor sandals or the Gym sandals or a special design of the stem as distinguished by the strappy sandals.

Common to all forms is the traditional construction in which the sole is attached to the foot with one or more straps. While the sandal is no or only worked with a small heel, the sandal is offered as a typical women's shoe with heels. Furthermore characteristic for the sandal is a Narrower cut, finer details and embellishmentsthat they clearly label as footwear for women. An exception to the filigree shaft design is the invisible sandal, invented by the Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo, where instead of visible straps and elaborate details, transparent nylon straps are used to attach the sole. This transparency should be the Impression of an invisible shoe let arise.