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Skate shoes for women

Skate shoes for women

The first skate shoes were developed in the mid-1960s. The so-called "Lace Saver" or "Olliepads" were invented to reduce heavy wear on stressed areas. Today's Low-cut form The shoes slowly took over in the 1990s and at that time well-known brands such as DC were introduced. Also at this time it became the Trend, Pro models offer. Behind them are famous skateboarding pros with their own name and are involved in creating the design.

Construction of skate shoes

Skater shoes women and men nowadays contain the following important features:

Among the most famous brands for the production of skate shoes include:

Skater shoes are available in different designs, Either in subtle design, which makes the shoes for skaters look almost casual elegant, or you can find designs that are in wild colors and patterns to attract attention. There are also models with wheels, where you can glide casually through the area.