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Sports trousers for men and women

Sports trousers for men and women

Sports trousers are usually quite normal casual pants made of cotton, new wool or similar textiles. However, they also have carriers or suspenders, which in many cases can also be easily removed from the trousers. Trousers are also available in the sportswear sector.

Classification of the category trousers

A pair of trousers gets its name from the carriers that give it the right grip. However, this does not mean separate suspenders for clipping or clipping, and trousers should also be distinguished from the dungarees.

Features and characteristics

One finds trousers from time to time in the leisure sector, often in the sportswear sector, but also occasionally in workwear. Mostly they are made of sturdy denim or similar sturdy materials; the leg cut is laid out rather casual. There are both short and long trousers, also there are also intermediate lengths.

The background for the invention was probably the convenience. Regular pants are tight at the waist or at the hips, otherwise they will inevitably slip off. However, if you do not like such a skimpy fit and if you prefer a rather loose fit at the waist, you must either wear steadily slipping leg dresses, attach suspenders or just use trousers.

The former seems unacceptable, the second solution involves the risk of the backs releasing in the back with violent or clumsy movements, and here the advantages of a pair of trousers come to the fore. The straps that are firmly attached to the back waist are routed parallel or crossed over the back and shoulders.

Differences to dungarees

In contrast to the dungarees, however, they run on the lateral upper body to the waistband and are attached there by button or buckle. The comfortable shape is further enhanced by the fact that the straps are adjustable in length. In this way, the pants are secured against slipping and prevails in the abdominal area lssige width, which does not restrict.