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Stiletto boots for women

Stiletto boots for women

Boots alone are usually very sexy and are therefore very well, especially in the strong sex. Still more exciting The shoes, if you treat them with a very high and slim stiletto heel combined. The result is the seductive Stiletto boots.

Elegance meets sexyness

Stilettos are pumps with a very slim and high heel. However, this type of heel does not only apply to open shoes. Leading brands also like to use it on their boots and thus create a particularly exciting and sexy footwear, which is not only well received by the ladies.

The characteristics of Stiletto boots are quickly listed: they are boots, that is, the Shank reaches to calf or kneethat were combined with very high heels. Other features that are not common to every Stiletto are applications, studs, laces and other details.

As material is the most Leather or suede used. Leading brands also like to use suede with bowknot, so a playful detail in the form of a knotted loop. Also paint is very popular as a material for stiletto boots and is especially used when you pursue erotic goals with these seductive shoes.