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Strappy pumps for women

Strappy pumps for women

Riemchenpumps are – the name suggests – Pumps with the special feature straps, So far the dry theory. In practice, strappy pumps are varied, stylish and, above all, unbelievably feminine shoes, which not only the women's world but also men like very much. High time to extend the shoe cabinet with such a pair!

The Origin: The swinging 20's

If you look at an online store strappy pumps, you immediately think of the 20s, There is a good reason for this: even though there are many different types, these shoes have their origins in the "Swinging 20s". The women of that time danced to the sound of Charleston in strappy pumps and pulled them off the dance floor for many different occasions on.

The special features of the shoes are the open cut and fixation of the shoe on the foot through the eponymous straps. In designing these, leading brands sometimes make big differences. It is true: straps is not equal to straps! In addition to the slingbacks Above all, T-straps make women's hearts beat faster. Slingbacks are shoes with a so-called slingback. They are open at the heel, but are not considered slippers, because a straps holds them to the foot. This Slingback is the reason that these special pumps are counted among the strap pumps. The T-strap, however, runs over the foot span and gives the shoe its typical 1920s look. A second strap, running horizontally around the foot around the ankle, gives the T-strap its name. In addition, there are many other strappy variants that make the various types of strappy pumps all true highlights.

Among the features of the Riemchenpumps heard that these are often very open cut and sometimes strong remind of sandals. The straps, however, they still sit firmly on the foot and ensure a secure kick – perfect for a variety of occasions and the ideal choice to swing the dance leg,
Because of their playful nature and girlyness, strappy pumps are also a popular choice when it comes to bridal shoes. Brides appreciate that special design and the good grip of the pumps, The open design also ensures airy feet even in the very best summer weather.