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Striped shirts – Striped shirts for him and her

Striped shirts – Striped shirts for him and her

Striped shirts are classic shirts for men and women. The striped and usually made of cotton shirts are usually quite colorful and commercially available in a variety of stripe variants.

Classification of the category strip shirts

Striped shirts are an indispensable part of everyday clothing. Hardly a man who does not have at least one – no wonder, because they are diverse combinable and and always ensure a correct appearance. Last but not least, many gentlemen appreciate the “stretching” effect of vertical stripes.

Cut and materials

In their basic form, striped shirts do not deviate from the classic shirt cut – they are usually hip-length, have long or short sleeves, close at the neck with a collar and are buttoned at the front. Come as a material

  • Wool
  • Cotton or cotton blends
  • Linen or
  • silk

for use; particularly high-quality models are made from so-called “Sea Iceland cotton” – a two-ply full-twist fabric.

Popular colors and patterns

Striped shirts are suitable for both business and private use. While nearly every design can be chosen in the leisure sector, you are well advised to look for business shirts with simpler patterns. The classic;

  • the pinstripe shirt in light tones with darker, fine vertical stripes;

is one of the best-selling models worldwide. Besides, also enjoy

  • Shirts with chalk or hairline stripes

great popularity, because the pattern is visible, but discreet. Very flattering always look

  • Tone-in-tone combinations,

where too

  • bright stripes on a dark background

make for an elegant look. A rule of thumb says: The more casual the occasion, the wider the stripes, Powerful block stripes are unthinkable in business, but just the thing for a garden party – here may also like bright contrast colors are combined.

However, you should definitely avoid a rainbow effect – more than 4 shades are really too much of a good thing. The outfit looks perfect when the color of the pants is reflected in the striped shirt.