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Today’s trend: white boots for women are back!

White boots not easily have it, finally they are seen “trashy” or even “slutty” the society as ‘cheap’, by the majority. Shame really, because what tells us the shoes already on the sexuality of its wearer? Exactly: nothing!

Lucky fashion bloggers  surrounded just her best white ankle boots, Stilettos & co to get rid of their bad image. And now let’s face it: who thinks this beautiful autumn outfit on trash?

Currently the white shoes is celebrating a comeback and is stylish in this season than ever before. From the expensive luxury boots of up to cheap boots is the matching shoe for every foot:

However, there are a few little rules of styling, skilfully to the white highlight on the foot to put in scene.

So you stylist white boots now

  1. Holding your outfit simple, finally you already experiment with white shoes. Choose straight cut jeans or skirts and dresses with a semi-circular straight hem.
  2. The right white tone: White is not just white. Choose a warm, “dirty” white sound like eggshell, which ensures that necessary understatement and looks more natural.
  3. Be bold: Combine your footwear with bright colours. A bright colour-blocking-look is best suitable for the white shoe.