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Wedge sandals for ladies

Wedge sandals for ladies

Wedge sandals are one Subform of the shoe base sandal, which is considered one of the oldest and most widely used in the world shoe form and is worn by both women and men and children. Sandals are considered the feminine variety of this unisex shoe, are usually equipped with a heel and are therefore mainly worn by women and older girls. The design of the sandals is varied and can cover a variety of heel types and heel heights. A particularly comfortable variant is the sandal with wedge heel.

A wedge for more comfort

The wedge heel, which is in the specialized trade too often referred to as wedges is a comparatively young type of heel which consists of a continuous thickening between the insole and the outsole and thereby has the shape of a wedge, which is significantly wider over the heel area. The wedge can be only a few centimeters thick, but also the length of a high shoe, so at least six inches, or even one High heel height of ten inches to reach. Furthermore, it can also be combined with a platform sole, which allows even more height to be gained without increasing the tension of the foot.
The wedge heel was first invented in 1936 by the Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo, who is still known today for his innovative innovations in shoe fashion and especially wanted to offer the ladies' world with its developments a comfortable alternative to straining stiletto heels. With the invention of the wedge he succeeded Ferragamo, the optical advantages of a paragraph to use, without the disadvantages such as too pointed performance area to accept. The wedge heel distributes the wearer's weight all over the sole so that even weight distribution and the larger tread area provide more balance and a firmer tread, reducing the risk of kinking and running on uneven ground such as cobblestones or spring meadows ,

Because of these characteristics, the wedge heel is now among the most popular sales types worldwide and adorns a large proportion of women's shoes on the international shoe market. Only two years after its first appearance, it became the absolute trend sales and was considered in America as the most commonly used type of sales. If the wedges were initially intended for summery beach shoes, they can now be found on a variety of shoe types, such as boots, ankle boots or sneakers. But even where the wedge heel began his triumphal procession, he is still used with pleasure and therefore he is the ideal heel for the summery sandals whose wearer actively goes through the day.
Both in haute couture and ready-to-wear You will always find new exciting interpretations of the cult heel in combination with summery, sporty or elegant sandals.
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