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Western boots for women

Western boots for women

Western boots are a sub category of shoe basic boots and boots In general, cowboys work shoes, These are ankle boots or boots with an oblique heel of about four or five centimeters in height and a usually traditional and richly decorated shaft. In the trade, online shop and sale, the western boots are also available under the name cowboy boots or western boots and are available for ladies and men and less often for children.

The classic western women's boots – features and material

Western boots are the boot shape that traditionally worn by cowboys and which are to be counted among the category of riding boots. The cowboy boots in the Wellington Boots, which in turn were based on the boots of the Hessian cavalry, have their origins. The western boots are tailored to the needs of the cowboy and his operations and usually have certain characteristics: The favorite material in the upper leather design is cowhide, which is particularly robust and resistant and protects both the foot and the lower leg safely from injury by the cattle to be protected or other environmental influences. A welted construction is just as essential as a comparatively narrow leather sole, which should allow a better feel for stirrups and animals.

The Boot tip must taperto make it easier to get into the stirrups of the saddle.

The heel, which is mostly bevelled, is about four to five centimeters wide, for both the ladies and the men firmly anchoring the feet in the stirrup to enable and to achieve an improvement in saddle strength. Since Western boots are often worn with spurs, a support surface on the heel is also part of the boot.