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8 Inspiring Crochet Sun Hat Designs – Free Patterns and Guides

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Sun hats or sun caps are used to protect the head and scalp from the sun and from a possible sunstroke during long stay in the blazing sun. Especially people with fair skin, babies and toddlers should wear a sun hat.

Classification of the category sun hats

What distinguishes sun hats from hats is first and foremost the brim. This runs at the hat once completely around the head.


Sun hats are worn to protect the wearer from the harmful effects of too much sunlight. Thus, a sunhat in combination with sunscreen is an important utensil to protect the body from sunburn and belongs in every suitcase. Only a hundred years ago the hat belonged to every citizen in summer and winter alike. In the changing fashion of the hat fell but more and more into oblivion. Only since physicians warn increasingly of the consequences of sunburn, sun hats are becoming popular again.


When choosing the right sunhat, you should pay attention to the material from which the hat was made. Because in order not to suffer heat stroke even at high temperatures, the sun hat should be as light and airy as possible. Since he should protect only from the sun and not from rain, he is often woven from straw or crocheted from raffia. The mesh of these materials is never 100 percent tight, so that enough air can get to the head. The big disadvantage of these natural raw materials, however, is the low durability. Therefore, such hats can be taken on holiday trips only in hat boxes. This causes higher costs for the luggage when flying, since the hat box must not be carried as hand luggage. It is worthwhile to buy sun hats made of textile fabric for the holidays, which can be easily transported in a suitcase. [gallery size="full" columns="5" ids="941,942,943,944,945,946,948,949,950,952"]