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Amber jewelery

Solid, fossil resin has become hard stone and as a gem in silver chains and bracelets very popular. Although it is not a mineral, it has long fascinated amber as jewelery and in myths.

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Bernstein himself is already legendary and many myths surround him. For example, the world-famous, lost amber room can be mentioned here.

Characteristics of amber

Amber is made of fossil resin and can be up to 260 million years old. Over many years, this hard substance, which is actually not a mineral or rock, has developed from the viscous resin in former trees, but is still regarded as a gem stone.

This can be completely clear to opaque and is usually yellowish. These include especially the color honey yellow or yellow white, where there are also amber in orange, red, green and even in brown or black. Likewise, a gemstone is usually determined by several, running in each other colors and in terms of its outer shape usually irregularly modeled around.

Popular jewelry

Amber jewelry has always been popular, especially among women, and is often integrated in necklaces or bracelets in the form of one or more gemstones.

Frequently, amber stones of various sizes are used to make necklaces or bracelets whose links are made of these gemstones. In addition, they are also available as a single pendant for necklaces, which is usually held in a version.

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