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Basketball shoes for women

The basketball sport is pure passion. In this sport physical body is combined with strategic team play, dynamic movements and technical finesse. You do not need much for that: a playing field, baskets, a ball and above all the right basketball shoes. The most striking appearance The men's and women's basketball shoes is not the most significant feature, as outsiders would often assume. For, admittedly, shoes for basketball are really extreme round. But that's just a bonus for the basketball shoes. Nowadays, the basketball shoes women and men have to optimally on the very high requirements be matched in basketball sports. Similarly, the shoes for the basketball game should also match the jersey of the team.

Requirements for basketball shoes

Complex movements, abrupt changes of direction and constant jumps are the order of the day. Here, the tendons and joints are extremely stressed. Through long research and one constant optimization The basketball shoes are now designed so that injuries can be prevented sustainably and systematically. For example, basketball shoes women and men have a rather compared to other sports shoes high shaft, which prevents injuries to the ankle while still maintaining freedom of movement.

Hot Pants (hot pants) are extremely short, tight and sexy shorts for women, mostly jeans or satin fabric. Due to the very short and figure-hugging cut, hot pants are reserved for relatively slim women.

Classification of the category Hot Pants

The term "hot pants" originally comes from the English language and means translated "hot pants". As this already suggests, hot pants are usually very tight and very short cut to emphasize in this way the butt of the woman purposefully. Especially popular are self-made hot pants made from old jeans, usually with frayed edges, which are usually cut so that they do not completely cover the cheeks and thus deliberately make the backside of the woman stand out.

Not the right shorts for everyone

As a sexy variation of the classic miniskirt, a woman with a hot pant can show a lot of leg, do some sports and even balk without giving others their complete underwear. However, hot pants, as it may seem at first, not only benefits, but woman is well advised not to take the selection of their hot pants too lightly. Hot pants should not be cut too small and must also be well-made. Otherwise, especially at hard times, cramps may occur in the crotch, which can lead to dangerous infections under certain circumstances. Here, advantages and disadvantages must be weighed. In particular, women with a stronger figure should consider using the Hot Pant rather to a less terse outfit, such as a knee-length skirt or a longer shorts, because it is true that not every trend is acceptable for everyone and often less is just more. [gallery columns="4"]