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Block heel shoes for women

One of the most popular heels for women is the block heel. For block heel shoes are next to the wedge heels some of the most comfortable shoes with heels. The heel is quite large in area, which makes the wearer her Distribute weight very well can. Since the heels are slightly wider, you will not get off balance and it will be easy for you to walk the whole evening. The block heel works especially for boots very attractive, Usually the straight shaft of a boot makes a thicker calf or rather a thicker leg. In conjunction with the bootleg The block heel stretches the leg however optical and conjures you long and slender legs. Buying a shoe thus combines the two most important components: comfort and elegance. You can wear the block heel for any occasion, because block heels embody a sense of style. Block heels look good even in the office. Also in the skirt or in the skinny jeans Block paragraphs convince very well. The reason for this is the versatility of the models and designs of the block heels.

Different types

Discover different types of block heel shoes. There is a large variety of varieties for shoes with block heel. Shoes that have block heels exist at

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