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Boat shoes

What are boat shoes?

They are leather by definition.Definition: boat shoes are also called Boatshoe. sailing Shoes or Docksider designated. The word boat shoes So it has nothing to do with the term boots (German boots) to do. Boat shoes have the following characteristics:

  • The shoes are made in the style of moccasins.
  • Usually, sailing shoes are available in muted colors.
  • Often they are made of smooth leather.

The history of boat shoes

Originally, boat shoes were designed for the purpose of sailing and made of brown leather with a practical non-slip rubber sole. The trademark of the sailing shoes was a sole with deep, undulating furrows.

As is the case with many other types of shoes, today’s use of the docksiders has little to do with their original purpose: in the meantime, this type of shoe has become very popular outside the ship’s field of application. Sailing shoes belong to the category of slippers and are available as a unisex shoe model for both men and women.

The guide to boat shoes

How can you combine boat shoes?

Boat shoes look chic, if you add them to the classic look blouse wearing. A combination to Jeans looks androgynous, as sailing shoes are not among the typical ladies shoe styles but the category of unisex shoes. Also to short pants or miniskirts you can combine this type of shoe very well.

Ballet heels are certainly no shoes for everyday life and not every woman will feel comfortable in these very special models. In fact, these heels are true collector's itemswho are born with dedication and passion.

The love of extremes

The features of ballet heels are very high heels and a tiny sole that only lets the tiptoe really hit the ground. The result is an optical illusion that gives the impression that the wearer of the shoes would be one for the Ballet typical pose taking. In fact, the angle of the feet in these shoes is so steep that you have to constantly walk on tiptoe.

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