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Boots for ladies

Although Boots is the English word for boots, it is used in the German-speaking countries primarily for shoes that are not up to the knee, but highest up to Middle of the calf rich. But despite the rather narrow definition Boots are anything but boring. These shoes shine through one enormous variety and many different types and styles.

The shoe with the many faces

The features of Boots are listed quickly. It is important that this is one closed shoe whose upper is higher than the ankle. Other features such as lacing, with Loops or buckles, lined or material vary from boat to boat and can be understood rather as additional features.

In the swinging sixties, the ladies' world in shoe fashion got a very special touch. The feet no longer wore simple, uniform shoes, but they were finally staged properly. The ladies' shoes were allowed now striking and provocative his. With a pair of Mary Jane shoes, these times revive and you can become aware of your beautiful legs again. With Mary Janes, there is certainly no boredom. They exist classic and colorful, playful and seductive and equally varied. Mary Jane shoes are the dream of many women. Dig in the fashionable past and be inspired by Mary Jane shoes. Your look should not miss Mary Janes. Finally, Mary Jane shoes still make every heart beat faster.  

Features of the Mary Jane shoes

  Originally the Mary Janes have been around since the 1920s. Characteristic is their shape of a clasp shoe. Initially, the soles were flat and the caps were rounded, which was mainly worn by children. But nowadays the Mary Jane shoes have been successful detached from the image of children's shoes, The Mary Jane shoes are now modern, often pointed, often high heels and have a elegant, feminine look,   Models whose soles are flat are called Spangenschuhe. Mary Janes are one great alternative to the pumps in everyday life. On the other hand, you can wear the Mary Jane shoes to go out with a noble glossy lacquer surface. Much has changed over the years with Mary Janes. But the main feature of Mary Jane shoes has remained: the decorative fine rib clasp,   You can discover leading brands for Mary Jane shoes. These include: [gallery columns="4"]