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Bridal jewelry

The wedding is a very special day, with the bride in the center. This is of course supported by the right jewelry. There are bridal jewelry in various designs, so there is something for every taste. From hair accessories to earrings to necklaces – there are countless ways for the bride to wear the perfect jewelry on the day of her wedding.

Classification of the category bridal jewelry


Ingredients of bridal jewelry

Bridal jewelry, such as

Let every woman shine a little brighter on her happiest day in life. There is the perfect bridal jewelry for every bride and every wedding dress, such as

  • the traditional hair jewelry
  • playful hair pearls
  • Hairpins with flowers
  • sparkling earrings
  • classic to elegant necklaces in silver or gold, with sparkling diamonds or colored rubies or too
  • the bridal veil.

The classic

This is certainly the classic under the bridal jewelry. The bridal veil used to be made of plain tulle. Today it is available in a wide variety of variations, such as bridal veils with sparkling beads or decorative embroidery. Often the classic bridal veil is also replaced by the modern bridal hat.

An old tradition

It has been tradition for many centuries that the bride decorates herself on the day of her wedding, just as the women of the Romans adorned themselves with beautiful pearls. In the earlier days, however, it was reserved for the upper classes of society to wear pearl jewelry for their own wedding. Today there are the bridal jewelry in a variety of variations, so that each bride can decorate with the special jewelry and accessories for their wedding.

Slippers are a very traditional form of footwear that as slipper consist of a sole and a toe cap and be worked for easier slipping without heel cap. Traditionally, the slippers are called slipper worn and are also available under the names slippers or Puschen commercially. They are either as unisex models in the gender-neutral look or specifically for men and women. Also in the shoe fashion for children and babies are slippers for different ages.

Slippers - from slippers to all-purpose shoes for the summer

Slippers are under the name of slippers for a very long time a common for domestic use footwear, which probably originated in the Orient. There are the Babusche called slippers soft fabrics made and richly decorated with embroidery and gold jewelry.

Until the 2nd century AD, the oldest found slippers can be dated back. In the 15th century this type of shoe reached Byzantium into southern Europe and spread in the coming years in the other states. In the 19th century were under the term in Europe as well Slippers with heel part called slippers or slippers, but today open slippers are usually offered without a heel part.

The slippers themselves are no longer just used as a pure slipper, but are used by different professional groups worn and considered in various places as appropriate footwear.

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