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Constructing a Sweatshirt Jacket. While I do not like the idea of a patchwork ja…

Constructing a Sweatshirt Jacket. While I do not like the idea of a patchwork jacket, this could be done with various pieces of fabric that go together… all black patterns etc… added to with thread or paint, etc. Could be as under- or over-stated as you’d like, while being warm. Maybe use hoodie and cut into a collar?

Sweatshirt jackets are usually thin, light and comfortable tops for women and men. Ideal for dressing in cold summer nights, during sports or at home.

Classification of the category sweatshirt jackets

A sweatshirt is the name of a top, which is comparable to the pullover on average.


Since it is often pulled as a jacket replacement, so as a sweatshirt jacket over the actual outerwear, has
  • long sleeve
  • elastic cuffs on sleeve and bottom edge and
  • is partially equipped with hood, fanny pack or collar with zipper.
The cuffs ensure that the sleeves can be pushed upwards without slipping and the shirt can be casually tucked in at the waist.

Originally a sports accessory

Originally sweatshirt jackets were used as sportswear, especially in outdoor sports. At the beginning of the 80s it was part of the jogging suit, meanwhile it is often worn as the sole everyday clothing item and has made its way into female and male wardrobes alike. Especially in the hip-hop scene, among skaters and within autonomous groups, sweatshirts have already become a kind of "basic equipment".

Possible combinations and materials

In any case, sweatshirt jackets give the wearer a sporty look and are therefore the perfect match
  • Jeans
  • Casual pants and
  • sporty footwear.
The material used is breathable, not too thin cotton fabrics that are sometimes roughened inside for a cuddly feel. The smooth surface is perfect for motif prints and applications, lettering and labels; and especially the younger generation of carriers are enthusiastic about striking logos. Sweatshirts are therefore ideal as a fan article for music bands, sports and other clubs. For creative people, there are even shirts for self-printing or painting, which survives a number of washes unscathed thanks to special impregnation. [gallery size="full" columns="5" ids="1795,1796,1797,1798,1799,1800,1801,1802,1803,1804"]