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Corduroy jackets

Cordycords made of baby cord or fine cord are suitable for all seasons. For winter, there are extra thick corduroy jackets, which are often also equipped with a fluffy lining. Elegant corduroy jackets are available for men and women.

Classification of the category corduroy jackets

Corduroy jackets have their place in sporty leisurewear, but also in festive evening wear.

cord types

The material Cord – often referred to – has a velvety surface created by webbed, longitudinal “ribs”. These are different high and broad depending on the fabric. One differentiates

  • the light, fine “baby cord” with very narrow and flat ribs
  • “Fine cord” (which is a bit coarser in the structure) and
  • “Breitcord”, which has a solid fabric quality due to the very wide and high ribs.

Sometimes new cord products already appear with a certain wear effect on the heavily used parts such as knees and elbows – this form of “used” optics is so-called “Antikcord”.

Different versions

Corduroy jackets are popular with women and men for their soft wearing quality and cuddly look. They exist

Material mix: possible combinations

Cord textiles were so popular in the ’60s and’ 70s that even men wished to be wrapped in whole cordura suits from head to toe. Breitcord likes to come along today

combined. For evening wear one uses predominantly the finely shimmering baby cord, which in the material mix with

its charm unfolds perfectly.

care instructions

In order to avoid unwanted, premature wear, corduroy jackets should be treated as gently as possible, at best in professional cleaning. However, if sooner or later the first bare spots appear, this only proves how much the piece was worn and by no means diminishes the attractiveness and radiance of a corduroy jacket.

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