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Down Jackets

Down jackets are extra thick and warm jackets for winter or skiing. The good thermal insulation of a down jacket lies above all in the processing and down feathers used for the lining, e.g. Goose down, justified.

Classification of the category down jackets

Hardly any other jacket feels as warm and yet light as a down jacket.


Both outer and inner fabric are impervious to rain and water repellent. The filled-in down already provide for their original owners – mostly ducks and geese – for comforting body heat. They have only a short keel and long, soft and flexible feather branches.

Their special shape creates an air cushion between them for ideal thermal insulation. The garment industry takes advantage of this effect, with down jackets only using top-quality feathers and these are also used in large quantities.

High-quality down jackets are made using a special technique that prevents the formation of cold bridges at the seams between the individual chambers, thus ensuring maximum warmth.


In addition to the high wearing comfort, down jackets also impress with their sporty, modern design, which is emphasized by the stitching between the chambers. As an ideal winter jacket, they almost always have a hood and tight-fitting cuffs, hems and collar solutions. They allow a high degree of freedom of movement due to their low weight and are the perfect companion for sports and games.

Down jackets consist to a large extent of the natural product down, which, however, does not clean itself in contrast to wool. The care should therefore be left to professional cleaners.

Stretch boots are one popular sub-category of shoe basic boots and are characterized by the fact that the boots are either completely made of an elastic material or at least have inserts made of a stretchy fabric. This makes stretch boots the perfect women's shoes or men's shoes for people with stronger calf circumference, as the stretchy material allows optimal adaptation of the boot to the personal body shape. Depending on the material used, for example, black stretch boots can be optically completely clinging to the body and more like opaque stockings or as a close fitting leg boots complete an elegant outfit.

Stretch boots - always fit like a glove

Stretch boots are available in various designs. Is the stretch boot black and made of high leather It is both exciting and elegant, with soft cognac shades and fine suede. It emphasizes a romantic touch and the over-knee version of the stretch boot presents itself as a skinny lady's shoethat attracts the eye.

Be stretch boots in all popular shoe sizes offered and are designed primarily as women's shoes. The shaft may be relatively low, such as an ankle boot, but are usually half-high boots or long boots and even Overknees. These work through the tight-fitting shaft with appropriate material, such as a soft fabric usually more like stockings or leggings and adapt perfectly to the body shapes.

renowned Manufacturer and designer always present new collections of breathtaking stretch boots, even on sale. Among others, known for their boots are the following providers:

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