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Fashion shoes | ashion and brands for the treads

Fashion shoes | ashion and brands for the treads

Shoes are part of every fashionable outfit. And so there are costly trends and great models here as well. The most popular shoe brands come from Italy.

Classification of the category Fashion shoes


History and development of the fashion shoe

From the late Middle Ages fashionable shoes were coveted luxuries of the upper class, which most people could not afford. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that shoes became much cheaper to manufacture because they had been machine-worked ever since.

The new technical possibilities created a particularly creative phase among the designers who, from 1910 to 1940, developed all the essential basic and sales forms to which today’s models are based.

Special trends

The shoe fashions of the past 40 years have brought some extremes, so in the 70s highest platform soles were the trend, in the 80s, however sneakers were salonfhig and the heels of the pumps penny.

While the shoes of the 90s glittered with inconsequentiality, at the beginning of the new millennium even brightly colored rubberlogs conquered the scene bars.

Today, almost everything is in trend, which was already there, and what is not announced this year, will certainly come again next year. Shoes should be comfortable in the first place, but fashion must also be fun.

An accessory for all occasions

Like no other piece of clothing, shoes can perfectly round off a fashion style or enhance a simple outfit with an original eyecatcher in an instant. After all, they are effective accessories that can be used not only to express individual taste and style, but that can even serve as a statement for views of life and political views.