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Flared pants

Flared pants are both men’s and women’s trousers made of jeans, corduroy or other material in which the trouser legs are getting wider at the bottom. Having come out of fashion for a long time, today’s trousers are up to date again, especially among teenagers.

Classification of the category of trousers

The typical thing about flared pants is the leg shape. In contrast to all other trouser models, the trouser legs in trousers from knee to down are significantly further. The term “blow” presumably goes back to the fact that the legs strike against each other when walking down. The shape is most similar to a funnel, a trumpet or a bell. Hence the English term “Bell Bottom”.

Origin and distribution

Flared pants are not just a fad – in work wear is their origin. Especially in the case of seamen and carpenters, trousers with a pronounced punch are an integral part of guild clothing.

Due to the broad hem form to prevent dirt from getting on and especially in the shoes. Especially the fashion of the 60s and 70s was characterized by the funky, cheerful hippistil.

At that time, the popularity of the flared trousers experienced their absolute peak. Especially chic models were those with a pleated fold on the lower leg, which was often decorated with a little chain.

While the flared trousers on the thigh were a bit tight, the blow jumped from the knee almost fiery apart. With the cool 80s, the flares disappeared from the street scene, only with the emerging in the 90s techno and rave scene, she returned again. As decades ago, she now came in a cool waist, bright colors and shiny lurexstoffen – as if created to radiate joie de vivre, trend awareness, fashion sense and a little bit of madness.

Riding boots have a full-length sole and are standard equipment for the rider. They are made of materials such as leather, rubber and PVC. High-quality leather riding boots are close to the leg and provide a secure grip in the saddle.

Materials and sole

A riding boot is one off
  • leather
  • Plastic or even out
  • rubber
existing boot, which is made especially for equestrian sports. A special feature of a riding boot is the continuous sole. Other road or sports shoes on the other hand have a composite of several different parts sole. However, the soles attached to riding boots prevent a dangerous hooking in the stirrup of the saddle, which could lead to serious injuries.

Different boots for different disciplines

For the various disciplines in equitation should also be paid to the boot choice.
  • So dressage riding boots have a very soft and thin inside,
so that the best possible contact with the horse's body can be made.
  • The boot for show jumping, on the other hand, is consistently softer from the shaft,
because he should guarantee a higher mobility. Gladly these boots are also used in the fox hunting in open terrain, as they represent a protection of the leg from branches and thorns with their fit. In addition, there are still The Western riding boots generally have a 3/4 high shaft, as they are modeled on the cowboy boots. However, if you prefer to take part in walking tours, then boot boots are ideal for longer tours. They are considered a combination of riding boots and hiking boots and have only a low shaft height. [gallery columns="4" ids="1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2002,2003"]