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Gloves for winter

Cotton, leather or synthetic gloves are primarily designed to keep hands, fingers and wrist warm at low temperatures. But also in sports or for driving special forms of gloves are used.

Classification of the category gloves

Gloves are part of the clothing. You pull it over your hand and your fingers, down to your wrist.


They limit their hand to the outside and protect them from influences from the surrounding area:

  • in winter for protection against the cold
  • in sports and in the workplace to protect the hands from injury or for a better grip.

But they also serve the other way round

  • Protection of the hands or what might be attached to them, as in medicine or other sciences.

Also they could in the past

  • a symbolic significance

have, as with the iron knight gloves or the dispute unfolding gauntlets.

Shapes of gloves

There are several glove shapes:

Finger gloves differ from the fustlings because they have a chamber for each finger. But there are also gloves that cover only the palm and leave the fingers free.


You can out

and many other materials. They are fed, embroidered or knitted for women, men and children. They can be an important and noble fashion accessory or simply warm the wearer’s fingers.

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