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Granny’s Old Fashioned Knitted Slippers – Everything Coralie

This is a really simple old-fashioned knit slipper pattern. Step-by-step instruction to creat your own easy Granny’s Old Fashioned Knitted Slippers pattern.

What are slippers?

Definition: Slippers in online shops are the most varied - even non-elegant shoe models called, all have only two characteristics in common:

  • They are slippers.
  • They have a maximum half-height shaft.

Slippers may be slippers, clogs, espadrilles, loafers, boat shoes, mules, flip flops or other sandals, but also ballerinas or pumps. Both shoes without heels and shoes with heels can be meant. The name Slipper (s) So it just refers to the fact that it is Not is about lace shoes, and that you can slip into them.

The designation story

In the 18th and 19th centuries, slip-on shoes were made of the most expensive materials and richly decorated, they were considered a status symbol and were worn on solemn occasions. Slipper defines Linda O'Keeffe as "any kind of elegant, insole-like shoe made of textile material or fine leather, which only just covered the foot and in which one could easily slip in and out again ",

Slippers, which were intended only as slippers, were used until the late 19th century as Ankleideslipper or Boudoirslipper designated. Over time, the meaning of the word changed slipper to the effect that only slippers were referred to by this term. The shoes were made of materials such as felt, velvet, silk and leather and usually had a heel. Boudoir slippers were worn in the bedroom, bathroom and dressing room as well as at the breakfast table.

The guide to slippers

Why can you combine slippers?

Since the slippers can be a variety of shoe models, it is not possible at this point to give a general tip, which is best to combine slippers. Are the shoes high-heeled pumps? Then, for example, a combination with Pleated trousers and blouse. If slippers are ballerinas, they are more fitting tight jeans or Leggings.

    • In general: If the slippers are flat, there is a risk that the foot looks visually wide.
    • The remaining combination tips can be found in the descriptions of the respective shoe models, which are based on the term slipper can be designated.
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