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Hipsters Jeans

Hipsters jeans are tight-fitting pants or jeans, which are quite low compared to the usual pants and reach just above the hips. The sexy and figure-hugging hipster is currently extremely popular with young ladies.

Classification of the category hipsters

They are considered sexy, modern and absolutely trendy: the hipsters. Since the 90s she just has to have every woman, because they emphasize the butt and create especially feminine curves.

Features of the cut

Titled in the English language as “Hipster”, the hipsters are characterized by a very tight cut. The waistband sits on the hip, while he reaches to the belly button on other pants. As a result, short or navel-free tops are particularly good effect.

Hipsters are now available in every fashion store. The customer can choose between different colors and models, because from discounters to designer shops, hipsters are part of the fixed assortment. Therefore, the popular pants are available in every price segment.


The most commonly used fabric for hipsters is denim. Due to the great demand but the pants are also made in other materials such as corduroy or leather.

Advantages and disadvantages

The hipsters put individual body jewelry in the form of navel piercings, but also tattoos on the rump, lower abdomen and hip in the right light. A disadvantage of hipsters is their lack of suitability to hide smaller problem areas or to warm the lumbar region sufficiently at lower outside temperatures. Nonetheless, hipsters are part of every outfit, especially for teens and young women.

The trousers can be worn casually or combined into an elegant business or dinner outfit. Because of its versatility, the hipster is one of the most popular garments.

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