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Hockey shoes for women

Hockey is one of the sports that has been around for several thousand years. Ice hockey is very well known in the modern times and enjoys one with players and fans alike great popularity, The right equipment will ensure that the players are well protected. Because hockey can be a bit harder. Hockey shoes are therefore particularly robust, protect the foot and give an excellent grip.

The little story of hockey

It's hard to believe, but hockey was played 5000 years ago in India, Egypt, Persia and China. To be sure, at that time it was only about the sport that is known today. Rules and execution were similar. A relief from Greece shows that 500 years before Christ the players were naked and even in the Middle Ages, the sport was very popular. Over the centuries, the rules have been expanded to run games according to specific specifications. Finally, in 1908, hockey was then accepted as an Olympic discipline and the fame of the game increased even further.

What are chucks?

Definition: Chucks is the abbreviation of Chuck Taylor All Stars, This shoe is also called Cons or Connie and was originally created for the sport of basketball. Chucks have the following features:

  • By definition, they have a rubber sole.
  • The shaft is usually made of linen. Therefore, this type of shoe is considered to be related to canvas shoes or linen shoes and thus belong to the category of sports shoes.
  • There are also models with higher heels available. Low-heeled chucks are called Low-Chucks,

The Guide to Chucks

Why can you combine Chucks?

These shoes are suitable for a variety of garments. The most casual, they seem to Skinny jeans. Due to their mostly flat heels and the lacing Chucks are assigned to the unisex shoe types. A feminine note can therefore only be produced by the clothing. Although it is generally advised not to wear lace-up shoes to skirts, you can make an exception with Connies: they look very provocative to the miniskirt.

Chucks - are these shoes in or out?

Chucks have become indispensable as casual leisure shoes and have survived many shoe fashions as timeless evergreens.

What techniques are there to bind chucks?

There are various methods for binding chucks. Called the "classical method", the "spider web method" as well as the "simple ladder method". Detailed instructions for these binding methods are available here.

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