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Lace pump for women

Lace pump for women

Elegant, stylish and a bit boyish – these are lace pumps. Characteristic of this very special women’s shoe is a high-necked front with eye-catching lacing. But lace pumps still have much more in stock. Different types provide a great change. You will love these shoes!


Classic in the office – romantic at the date


Schnürpumps are classic office shoes, But other occasions can be treaded with these pumps. The features of the shoe: a mostly closed front with the characteristic lacing or an open shoe in cut-off design, Also great loops and laces in the Bondage-style may be features of lace-up pumps. All models are characterized by an individual look that makes the shoes a real eye-catcher through the sometimes very eye-catching details. No matter what occasion you wear these shoes – you will love them.
For even more variety material and colors provide. Especially popular are lace pumps in varnish and leather, The material suede is also perfect as a basis for the beautiful laces and brings them to perfection. When it comes to color, leading brands rely on classic black. The lace-up pumps are particularly classy and elegant in this color. Besides black are too


very popular colors for these pumps. Especially the Fashion color Cognac I would like to emphasize once again at this point. This unusual color cuts a good figure in all sizes and sets the lacing of the shoes perfectly in scene. Especially in the fall, the color is a must-have in every shoe and wardrobe. The same goes for lace pumps in black and blue. The colors are easy to combine and complete every outfit. Lace pumps in bright colors like cream or pink are perfect for dates or chic occasions. The shoes for women can – depending on the lacing – very feminine and sensual effect and are therefore the ideal companion for romantic women.
Leading brands play every season with this shoe and present the model-loving women’s world again and again new ways to lace the pumps. Different types provide variety in the wardrobe and ensure that the models never go out of style. Leading brands for lace-up pumps include:


Other brands are aware of the trend and are busy with it.