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Lace-ups for women

Lace-ups for women

Laces come in as many different types. Whether flatter Low shoe or lace-up bootsThey all have one thing in common: a striking lacing on the foot span, which can continue to pull up, depending on the model. Due to their features, lace-ups for ladies look very sophisticated, classic and also a little androgynous.

The classic

The classic lace-up shoe can also be called a shoe. There are different types with and without heels in all sizes. The design of these shoes is usually simple and elegant, which is why Schnürer perfect choice are, if you want to dress casual, but not sporty. If the lace-ups have a heel, they can also be worn for finer occasions. Especially popular are women's lace-ups with a wedge heel. These shoes promise not only elegance, but also one safe kick and a lot of comfort, Ankle-high lace-ups with heels are very similar to ankle boots, but due to the lack of lacing, they have to be distinguished from them.

Classic lace-ups can be worn with skirts and dresses as well as with pants. Especially Boyfriend jeans and chinos look great in the mix with lace-up shoes and conjure up an almost masculine, very casual look. If the material is very light, the shoes can also be worn in spring and summer.

If the shoes are too good for you, you will certainly be able to make friends with lace-up boots. These mostly calf-high boots are real eye-catchers thanks to the lacing. Other features of lace-up boots are often one loose fitting shaft and laces, which are led around the whole shoe. The look of this lace-up is very casual and cool, but also very feminine.