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laced up weathered riding boots – black

Amazing tones of black grey / tan adorn these tall laced up riding boots. Features a hidden side zipper, and lace-up back. The cozy and soft lining provides the

What are lace-ups?

Definition: Lace-ups are characterized not only by the fact that they have laces for lacing: Mostly they are also made of leather. Originally, these shoes were only made for men, but now they are also considered a classic among women's shoes.

Women's lace-up shoes differ from those for men by their typical feminine, filigree proportions and her mostly pointed front,

A special form of lace-up shoes are. These have a high heel and often adornments.

Which garments can you combine with lace-up shoes?

It depends entirely on the model in which the shoes are realized. In classic moderators it is not recommended to combine lace-ups with skirts. But this rule break acts as an eye-catcher.

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