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Linen shirts

Linen shirts are comfortable and very light and casual shirts for men and women. The natural fiber obtained from flax gives the short-sleeved or long-sleeved linen shirts their special look and summery elegance.

Classification of the category linen shirts

Linen shirts are made of a very special material. As an alternative to cotton, linen is gaining more and more importance as an ecological natural fiber these days.


The linen fibers are extracted from the stalks of the flax plant or flax plant, and from the field to the clothes rail lies a long way in front of them. The plants are first chopped, as Mhen already destroys the fibers. Seed capsules, fungi and bacteria disappear during the drying process and subsequent water droplets; Later, the flax is broken hackled and further cleaned.

Turned to Zopf he gets into the spinning mill, where the Leinenfden are spun in a wet process and later dried. Then finally the material is woven, from which the casual, breathable and comfortable shirts emerge.

Properties of the material

The basic material equips linen shirts with numerous properties that make them especially worthy of mention for allergy sufferers. It

  • does not louse
  • is very smooth and dirt-repellent
  • is almost antistatic and bactericidal.

linen shirts

  • can store a lot of humidity and release it cool, without being wet.

They are therefore among the most popular summer clothing. Only the fast wrinkle effect may be a problem for some people. It is attributed to the extremely high level of elasticity and low elasticity of the substance. But these features make linen shirts but also so durable and hard-wearing.

Given the many advantages, it should not be difficult to ignore the creasing look. And finally, it does not say in vain: “Linen wrinkles noble.” From women’s and men’s clothing, linen shirts with long or short sleeves are indispensable. Whoever wears it expresses an affirmative statement about natural clothing and physical well-being.

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